I break stuff & build them back up

If you need anything up on the web, you've found the right guy! I'm Abhiram and I'm a fullstack developer who specializes in the MERN stack👨🏽‍💻

I'm a technology freak who is obsessed with creating awesome products. I also love discussions about anime, startups, sci-fi and philosophy. If you find any of these topics remotely interesting or if you have a gig, we really should talk☕



  • React
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Material UI


  • Nodejs
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • Express


I enjoy learning new things and building cool applications that my friends and family can use. Here are some of the projects I've created so far that best showcase my skillset. If you want to check out some of my other projects, click here!

  • Animaze

    ES6+ Javascript | HTML | CSS | Webpack

    Animaze is a web application to discover new anime. Search for the top anime for any search query or genre. You can get information about a show such as rankings, ratings, plot, trivia etc and also get a preview by watching the trailer. Bookmark your favourite shows by liking and adding them to the local storage.

    Project Link Source Code
  • DevlUp

    React | Redux | Firebase | Bootstrap

    DevlUp is a platform for developers to share their work and connect with one another. You can create, like and comment on posts, check notifications and view profiles. All you have to do is sign up! This is a fullstack React application with user authentication. I used Firebase's cloud functions and Redux for state-management.

    Project Link Source Code
  • Utilizer

    ES6+ Javascript | HTML | CSS | Bootstrap

    Utilizer is a multi-page application (MPA). It has 5 tools to help you with your everyday work: a calculator for simple yet tedious calculations, a site-bookmarker with local storage, a meditation-app in which you can choose the type of peaceful sounds you want to hear, a to-do list which can add, delete and keep track of items using local storage and lastly, a pomodoro clock to regulate your breaks.

    Project Link Source Code


I try to share some of the amazing things I've learnt with others regularly by writing blogs. If you want to see more of my technical blogs, click here

Imports & Exports

A lot of useful features were added to ES6 JavaScript and imports and exports are one of them. They allow you to keep your code more modular and thus, separate your concerns. In this post, I try to explain how this feature can be used in your code.

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Why is React So Popular?

In this post, I share why I think React is so popular and I also explain the most distinctive features of the framework.

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Redux is an awesome state-management tool which comes in really handy when creating React applications. In this post, I try to break down how Redux works.

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